Valerie + Luke

  I am the MOB. Hiring a wedding planner for me was a very personal choice. I interviewed 3 other professional planners in person and spoke to others on the phone. I chose Heidi of I Thee Wed for many reasons. I felt our personalities matched perfectly. My daughter and I were well organized but I felt I needed a professional to be my team, to double check my ideas, vendor choices and ultimately be my eyes the day of the wedding. Heidi was always responsive, and extremely detail oriented. Being MOB for most is a one time experience, while Heidi and her team have managed hundreds of weddings and reviewed and hired and fired multiple vendors. They have experience in the wedding industry that I do not. It may be a luxury to hire a planner, but when you consider the amount of money invested in this one day it is a very small percentage of the cost of a wedding, but in the end will guarantee that everything comes off exactly as your bride and you planned and dreamed of. They are intelligent and sophisticated and respective of complex family issues that always happen in wedding planning. They will handle any bump in the planning with grace and tactfully handle any situation. I highly recommend them. I consider them like family but without all the emotions. If you are considering a planner meet with Heidi for sure. Very Thankful I hired I Thee Wed.

Cynthia Muhlhauser

I Thee Wed Client Love - Valerie + Luke